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Powershell User Group Sweden – October 2013 Meeting!

As promised during my session at the Powershell User Group Sweden meet last week I will publish my scripts used in my SMA session. And here they are!

For those of you not attending the meet I had the opportunity to give a super compact lesson in Powershell Workflow to cover the basics. Workflows are after all the foundation of SMA. I gave the attendees an overview of SMA administration. Both in powershell/ISE and the Windows Azure Pack portal!


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Windows Powershell Remoting Resources

Running powershell locally is always great fun, but what about remoting?

There’s a whole lot of things to think about besides Enter-PSsessoin and Invoke-Command. Here’s some resources to get you started!

eBook: Secrets of PowerShell Remoting by Don Jones and Dr. Tobias Weltner

Blog post: Understanding Powershell Remote Management by Ed Wilson

Blog post: Learn How to Manage Remote PowerShell Sessions by Ed Wilson

Video: Advanced Automation with Windows PowerShell (MDC-400) by Jeffrey Snover and Don Jones

Video: Getting started with PowerShell 3.0 Jump Start by Microsoft Virtual Academy

Remember that PowerShell is just not a marketing gimmick, it’s the feature of administration and automation!

What’s the deal with the Runbooks?

Yup, there’s a difference between runbooks and runbooks. Thank you Microsoft for making it easy for us! Let me break it down for you.

On the Orchestrator’s TechNet page we can find the following text:

Topics include how to write, test, and deploy a runbook with System Center 2012 – Orchestrator.

And on the Service Management Automation (SMA) page we can find this:

You automate your tasks by using runbooks, which run Windows PowerShell commands.

So, same name on two different products. With a tiny little difference thanks to the keyword “PowerShell”. Where Orchestrator runbooks are based on activities, the SMA runbooks are completly based on Powershell. Or to be more specific Powershell workflows.

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SCO IP: Powershell Script Execution 1.2 is ready for download!

The Orchestration integration pack “Powershell Script Exection” has been bumped to version 1.2 and received some new features including CredSSP and second-hop support! This will surely by appreciated by many and especially me!

You can find the official release blogpost at the Building Clouds and it’s available for download at TechNet Gallery.

Happy automation!