WMF / Powershell 5.0 Preview – September 2014

A couple of days ago it seems that Christmas came early! Microsoft released the latest preview of WMF 5.0 which includes the latest and greatest version of Powershell. And wow, the feature list is extensive!

On a high level it includes major functional and Powershell ISE improvements for:

  1. DSC
  2. String-handling
  3. Logging / Auditing Powershell usage
  4. Filesystem management

And new features for:

  1. Generating Powershell cmdlets from OData Endpoints
  2. Managing .zip files with native cmdlets
  3. Using and managing PowershellGet (OneGet)
  4. Managing switches that are Windows Server 2012 R2 logo-certified
  5. Developing new classes
  6. Dynamic method invocation

If you want to read more about the new and/or improved functionality with examples you’ll have to download and read the release notes! It’s 33 pages of Powershell madness!

In the coming days I will be looking a bit more on the new features 5 and 6. Can’t wait to deep-dive into this!

The September release of WMF 5.0 can be downloaded at:

If you’re trying Powershell 5.0 please submit and discuss feedback at:


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