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Publishing SCSM Request Offerings like an engineer!

Ever had the great idea that you’d create an enumeration list that you’ll use on several RO’s to maximize data quality and ensure successful automation?

I’ve had it. Several times in fact.

However, for obvious reasons I don’t want to relate this enumeration to any class. I want it to be stand-alone and only be used with one or several RO(s). As all “centrally managed lists” I want a change in the list to reflect on all RO(s). And as most of you know you have to map every prompt to a property of a class that is defined in the template related to the RO to be able to publish it.
There’s actually a requirement for this on the data layer and not just in the GUI, which I tought at first.

So how do you map an enumeration that is not a property of any class?

Since all configuration of RO’s are saved in a Management Pack and in XML format we should start by reading the Management Pack XML Schema Reference.
After a few clicks we should notice that the <Extension> element (which contains the RO definition) isn’t documented on MSDN. Thank you very much! Continue reading